Fenix Social Design

Fenix ​​Social Design is a handicraft reality, created in 2017 by Consuelo Granda.

We produce handmade clothing and small accessories, in collaboration with institutional bodies dealing with the professional integration of disadvantaged people.

Fenix ​​is ​​an incubator - a place where some skills can be developed - just as has always happened with craftmen’s apprentices.

The quiet and comfortable atmosphere of a small tailor’s shop makes it easier to follow the trainees - so that they acquire the strength and the trust to face other challenges - safeguarding them from the “logic” of performance.

After a first collaboration with the Department of Ethno-Psychiatry of the Niguarda Hospital, Fenix ​​is ​​opening to more extensive reintegration projects in the area.

Consuelo Granda

After a decade spent as president and creative soul of Procaccini 14 Laboratory – a Milanese non-profit organization involved in professional reintegration of political refugees and people with mental disabilities - Consuelo Granda is ready to fly, carving out her own space.

Once again, social commitment is the core: Fenix ​​Social Design tailoring workshop is connected to tertiary sector bodies and the shop is a place where disadvantaged people can hope for a job reintegration.

In Italy the term "social hand crafting" - from a legal point of view - does not yet exist: to make her idea a concrete reality, Consuelo has given herself a code to add a social aspect to the creative business.

Fenix's Style

Tailored garments and some accessories cut out of precious fabrics are carefully chosen and sewn in few pieces. The sliding cuts are able to make you feel at ease from morning to night, with an always changing collection. Details make the difference: the same dress never wears the same way.

Fenix ​​Social Design cloths are sewn in a linear way. They can dress any woman's body with original shapes and finishings and are designed to be always comfortable.

During the year, you will always find a small and extremely well-kept collection.
Fenix Social Design showroom is a place where nothing is created nor destroyed but everything is transformed; we never sew more than two garments with the same pattern and any scrap of fabric - even the smallest - is reused to make bags, sleeves, caps, collars or brooches, whose shapes are chosen with the aim of being easy to be worked by trainees.